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So, tumblrs, spill.
Anonymous :
I want someone i know i can't have ): but he's so perfect... and we have so much in common
Anonymous :
I'm ashamed to admit I steal things and getting away with it makes me feel good
Anonymous :

1lifeinspayce :
I'm transgender.
I read the previous post about never having bottom Dysphoria, but every time they were to masturbate, the only way to get off would be to imagine otherwise.

I am in the same boat, and it's also scaring me, I just want poster prior to see they aren't alone and can freely talk to me about it in confidentiality. It's only scaring me because I really don't want to be in that position to really want bottom surgery to be happy. That's just more shit on my stack and it's not luxurious at all. I too have began to think constantly of 'Heterosexual' sex, making me unsure what I want in the commands of romance.

Feel free to contact me.
bossjellybean :
i put up a post on my tumblr promoting it. good luck :)
Anonymous :
I have a sexual relationship with someone that's not complicated at all. We screw, cuddle, read aloud together and then go our separate ways. That's healthy, right? I'm not emotionally attached at all, and neither is he. Is it possible to have a fuckbuddy that's also a friend and not have it get messy?

Yes, I think it’s possible as long as you neither of you are emotionally attached and you intend to keep it that way. It’s healthy to release your sexual tension, especially when you have someone you’re so obviously comfortable with. If either of you start to get attached, though, it’s time to call it quits.

Anonymous :
I have been selling panties, nude pictures, and videos of myself masturbating since the beginning of this summer. At first it was just to get rid of some old underwear- I figured I might as well make some money off of it. Then it evolved. Pictures in the panties, videos with the panties, lying on customs forms, and having men offer me money for sex. I haven't been on the website for 4 days.

I feel disgusting.

But I also feel a little... proud. 20 ratings- all of them 5 stars.

I think it’s great to embrace your sexuality and exert the power you have with it. If you can feel strong and sexy and confident to work with what you’ve got, then that’s great. I’d be proud, too. 

However, on the other hand, if you’re no longer comfortable and you’re starting to feel disgusted with yourself, then  maybe you need to question if you’re done. You had your fun and you got positive feedback, maybe you should quit while your ahead. Or else, flaunt it if you got it, baby! 

Anonymous :
I'm an FTM transgender who has never wanted a penis before. But every time I masturbate, I can't get off unless I imagine myself with one, fucking a girl. I feel scared because this has never beern an issue. Maybe I should buy I packer? I really don't want to...

I wish I could offer you better advice, but since this isn’t something I have any form of personal experience to draw from, I’m not really qualified. 

I’ve got a few friends that are currently transitioning, and from what I’ve heard (which isn’t much, as I’m sure this is considered a private matter,) it’s really hard to accept the fact that you weren’t blessed with what you feel is yours. I know that there’s things out there to simulate this, so perhaps you need to explore your options. 

Sorry, I really wish I could offer more help!

Anonymous :
i have a boyfriend but i like girls..
Anonymous :
i love my girlfriend but im not sure im IN love with her.i dont feel as attracted to her anymore. she says im her soul mate and i kind of want to break up with her but at the same time i don't and i don't wanna lose her. ever since i got my heart broken i have not been able to fall in love/ have super strong lasting feelings for anyone. you dont have to tell me any advice, i just HAD to tell someone.

glad I could help. hope things work out for you.